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Gaming PCs Made From Only The Finest Parts

We build the world's most advanced PCs. You could either choose one, both or use that money to build a killer gaming PC. I don't game enough to warrant building a $1500+ PC, so their solution is pretty amazing for folks like me. If our customers want the perfect balance between power and size, our gaming PC line running on the Intel Z170 platforms offer just that.

From high end gaming PCs to cheap and affordable gaming pcs from under £500 we have you covered. The graphics card is the most important component in a gaming PC, so we offer a wide range of options based on the market leading NVIDIA GeForce range. AVADirect's custom gaming PCs are designed specifically with the gaming enthusiast in mind, built with high-end components for powerful performance every time.

We've tested dozens of the most popular gaming PCs available, running our rigorous suite of benchmarks and playing several demanding games on each system. And now more than ever customize your setup by adding a racing wheel or a virtual reality headset to really experience what games are capable versus power of. Complete your ultimate gaming experience with a gaming chair that will put you right in the action.

PC hardware offers better bang-for-buck & value than console hardware (same performance for less money, more performance for the same money, or much more performance for a bit more money). We produce a huge range of PCs at a variety of price points, each optimised for different games and resolutions.

Xbox One does have nice minimalist aesthetics, but the console itself is massive without factoring in the gigantic power brick and the large Kinect unit. Consoles are nice and all, but if you want to play gorgeous-looking titles such as Final Fantasy XV and Far Cry 5 at their maximum graphical potential, you'll want a gaming desktop.

One major drawback of buying a prebuilt gaming PC aside from the extra cost is that they are often built with a very powerful CPU, but with a relatively weak graphics card. With the Xbox service, Microsoft has always been spot on with warranty, with quick console replacements, even though the Xbox 360 failure rate was pretty high with the accursed Red Ring of Death, the bane of every gamer.

The ACER Predator G3-710 Gaming PC proves that maximised performance doesn't have to come in an oversized package by offering a hefty Intel® Core® i7 processor supported by 12 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card in a compact, space saving body.

MSI also lists up to DDR4-4000 memory support, which is far beyond what anyone should run in a budget build. This computer will run 99% of over 6,000 of the newest and most popular PC games. The rest of the build is much the same as our £1000 build other than a motherboard upgrade and the leap to the GTX 1070 graphics card.

These PCs can often be more expensive than building one's own, with higher premiums attached to high-end brands with varying levels of customer service. Our main goal for gaming memory is DDR4-2666 or higher, with as low a CAS latency as possible, but at a good price.

Otherwise, there's very little you can do to this build to save more money, apart from buying second-hand gear or compromising more on graphics power. Top of the range models pack powerful NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards alongside the latest Intel® Core® i7 processors to give PC gamers an experience that matches the most advanced consoles.