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The History Of College Roommate Story Time

This is a brief animated story about the practical experience of mine with using a college roommate which as you can tell from the title, wasn't the best. However, I wouldn't trade this life experience for nothing in the world. While getting a college roommate was yet another horror story included with the life of mine, it showed me the pro's and con's at the beginning of life of exactly how it is living with a stranger. Instead it was the food of mine that "strangely" went lacking and only the filth and dirtyness, the cycle never ended. Heading to college and sharing rooms with somebody else, I sort of anticipated a horror story although I did not believe it would've been that bad!

This animated story time you are intending to watch (or already watched) is only part one of the hell I went through living with a roommate. I can serioulsy begin and Roommate Horror Story on about this person and the dirty ways of his. Small things got so bad to the point I never needed to invite company over because the room was either filthy to the point of no return or it simply smelled so toxic that actually an animal could not stand the scent of the apartment. Family is remembered by me and friends telling me all of the college roommate stories from hell although I simply brushed it off thinking, blah, I won't end up with a roommie who is that terrible. My foods would and or perhaps clothing would go missing when a week, yes! This fellow was stealing my clothes and food as if we were brothers sharing an area in our parents house.